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Site Update - v1.0

After many hours of work I am proud to introduce the internet to

The things I'm looking to see in the next few months are an evidence of its usefulness and the embracing of the website in the gluten-free community. Although the site is partly powered by Glu-Bot, it relies on user interaction to verify and correct where neccessary what it has found, so a strong user-base is something I will be striving for. There are many ways I hope to acheive this in the near future but for the time being effort will be spent on fine-tuning the core functionality. Things to look forward to include:

  • Enhanced reputation system - The building blocks in place and just need expanding on

  • User rewards system - Rewarding users for their contributions (rewards tbc!)

  • Improved locational awareness - More specific information on the location and availability of products

If you have a suggestion for functionality, throw it this way and I'll let you know when/if it will be implemented.

Thanks for now, hope you enjoy the site!


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