Our purpose is to inform people quickly and accurately whether or not a product contains Gluten and what alternatives are available.

Conceptual design

Although not launched until the beginning of 2011, the original concept was thought up in Summer 2009. The combination of recently being diagnosed with a gluten allergy, not knowing off-hand what was safe to consume and the need for a good disseration idea resulted in what you see in front of you right now.

Avoiding food and drink that contains gluten is a trait that develops over time. That's not comforting to those who are new to the illness and even the veterans who are mistakenly caught out. By offering people a quick reference guide hopefully some of that can be avoided along with second guessing badly labelled products.

This site isn't designed to be a one-stop-shop for all things gluten - there are plenty of other good sites that already provide solid information without the need for repeating it here. We have our aim and intend to excel in that area to the point where Glu-ternative is a familar name for most coeliacs and gluten allergy sufferers. If you found the site useful, please spread the word so we can acheive this!